We Wish You A Non-Environmental Impact Christmas

Oh, goodness, the enviro-nuts have truly outdone themselves this time

Researchers at the University of Washington say all that holiday baking and eating has an environmental impact — Puget Sound is being flavored by cinnamon and vanilla. "Even something as fun as baking for the holiday season has an environmental effect," said Rick Keil, an associate professor of chemical oceanography. "When we bake and change the way we eat, it has an impact on what the environment sees. To me it shows the connectedness."

So, you do know what is next, right? Environmentally friendly government baking restrictions. Plus the normal petitions and demonstrations, many with, yup, you guessed it, an anti-Christmas tone, since most of the baking revolves around the holiday, which is, yup, Christian.

So, put away the vanilla, no gingerbread houses, no cookies, no cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning, no flavored coffees.

Next up, they will probably recommend that we all go to flushless toilets. Again.

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One Response to “We Wish You A Non-Environmental Impact Christmas”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    I remember the enviro friendly toilets from the past. We just called them two holer outhouses. Of course with todays dhimmi’s you would have to put a muzzle on them to let them in an outhouse.

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