Al-Zawahiri: US Should Talk to Al Qaeda?

So says the headline. Is this Yahoo News playing games, or was this the headline that the AP released?


Nowhere in the story could I find any indication that Al-Z stated that the U.S. should talk to Al Qaeda, and it looks like most who picked up the AP story aren't even going there.

However, you just know that someone in the media will ask President Bush or Tony Snow about this, they will say that talking with AL Qaeda is a terrible idea, and then all the Lefties will incorporate talking to AQ into their talking points.

Stop the ACLU has more, including the video.

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4 Responses to “Al-Zawahiri: US Should Talk to Al Qaeda?”

  1. Victory Is Our Goal…

    Most in the drive by media and the liberal pundit talk shows talk as if we have already lost the war. That our military endeavor in Iraq has been merely a huge failure and we would be better off if we packed it up and came home right now and forget w…..

  2. Scrapiron says:

    Our loyal patroitic American boys and girls talk to AQ everyday. Several lose the argument to a 7.62 or larger. We cannot lose the war militarly, the left wing anti-americans can lose it here in the states. Want to bet on how many of the same fools will stand up and accept responsibility for the millions that are slaughtered in Iraq and they won’t stand up and be identified when thousands are killed here in this country. Yep, we can now call the left wing, actually all of the democrat party unpatriotic, and several thousand of them can be called traitors. Soon after the next attack they will be called victims, of a lyching.

  3. Scrapiron says:

    I’ve been reading actual reports from different area’s in Iraq. It looks like the war is basically won and over except for area’s around Bagdad. Nothing in the antique MSM will tell the American people the truth so they remain blinded by propaganda of the media. Democrats don’t have to listen to the propaganda, they are brainwashed and stupid already. If I were as negative about the country as the drive by media and left wing democrats I’d stick a 44 mag in my mouth and pull the trigger. Hint, Hint.

  4. Exactly. There are a small number of areas in Iraq with issues, Baghdad being one of them. And, since the media rarely leaves baghdad, they see it all, and make it seem worse then it is.

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