ICE Raids: Bush Is A Busy Man!

BDS strikes again, part 2.7 billion

WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 /U.S. Newswire/ — UNITE HERE International Union condemns in the strongest possible way the recent raids of meatpacking plants and the detention of workers by agents of the Bush Administration's Department of Homeland Security/Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) targeting immigrant workers at the Swift Company.

"Almost everyone agrees that our entire immigration system is screwed up, and that our government records and databases are full of holes. Given that reality, launching riot gear-clad armed agents to terrorize immigrant workers is shocking to the conscience of America," said John W. Wilhelm, President of UNITE HERE. "In their zeal to sow terror in immigrant communities, we wonder if the Bush Administration plans to sweep up busboys and gardeners next," Wilhelm continued.

Man, Bush is so engaged that he can actually plan and implement those raids! I bet he was there incognito, arresting illegal aliens himself!

Interesting how a union that is supposed to protect the rights of its American workers is taking the side of workers who would actually harm wages.

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3 Responses to “ICE Raids: Bush Is A Busy Man!”

  1. Ravenwolf says:

    Bush gets credit for things he prob was sitting in oval office thinking “they pack meat?Do they use bubble wrap,I like bubble wrap”

  2. Martin Hague says:

    I work with hardcore Union guys every day. They are not pro-immigration.

  3. Bush gets the blame for everything, including hangnails, so why not the good things?

    Yet, here they seem to be in favor of illegal immigration. Strange.

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