Pelosi’s Next Preseason Issue

Nancy Pelosi, at the helm of the San Francisco Democrats, part of the Federal Hockey League, faces a serious challenge coaching in one of their upcoming preseason games. Management has brought back William "Freezer" Jefferson

U.S. Rep. William Jefferson (news, bio, voting record) easily defeated his fellow Democratic opponent in a runoff election Saturday, despite an ongoing federal bribery investigation.

His presence in Washington could be embarrassing for Democrats, who won control of Congress on a platform of cleaning up corruption. In June, incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., led a successful effort to remove Jefferson from the powerful House Ways and Means Committee as the probe unfolded.

The question is, will she give "Freezer" any ice time during the preseason, and will he get any when the season starts? There is serious concern that, although he has yet to be indicted, when it comes to a Federal league player, the FBI tends to take their sweet time in their investigations and Grand Jury testimony. There is a very good chance that he will be indicted for the $90,000 in bribe money in his freezer, earning him his nickname.

Surprisingly, the Democrats had issues with race, something they have long tried to sweep under the rug

"Race is all too often a factor in campaigns in New Orleans," Ken Carter said. "Here we had a candidate that tried to paint this young African-American woman (Carter) as a pawn of the white establishment."

Robert Byrd, one of the team owners, could not be reached for comment.

Captain's Quarters Sports writes

If people are happy with the status quo of corrupt politicians, they can only come from New Orleans, one of the most corrupt cities in the US. Let's recall that Jefferson not only kept scads of cash in his freezer, but also hijacked National Guard rescuers to help him clean out his house in the middle of the Katrina evacuation. He took valuable resources away from the very people who just re-elected them in order to get special privilege on salvaging his personal property while the citizens of New Orleans begged for help.

And they elected him anyway. What a disgrace.

Should be an interesting time in the 'ole Federal League.

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There is some concern from the fans after Coach Pelosi made these comments (via The Jawa Report):

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4 Responses to “Pelosi’s Next Preseason Issue”

  1. Iowa Voice says:

    That Good Old Double Standard…

    For the past two years, voters have heard Democrats rail against Republican corruption and ethics, yet we’ve seen, time and time again, Democrats who have their own problems. Say what you will abo…


  2. Scrapiron says:

    Any member of congress that votes to send one more dime to La should be recalled on the spot.

    Call me for another donation to any disaster in a blue state and I’ll burst they’re ear drum with a loud whistle.

    It looks like Cold Cash may actually be the most honest person in N.O. He only stole $100,000 that we know of, the rest of the politicians in La have stolen billion of the relief funds.

  3. It will be interesting to see if the Demaloons try to vote more money for New Orleans. I believe I read somewhere that is a top priority for them.

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