CAIR Goes To The Pigs + Holiday Humor

Funny stuff from the Council on American-Terrorist Relations (original article here. Read the comments)

While Muslim faithful are worshiping Allah, sounds of liquored up Texans chasing greased pigs may soon be heard outside the mosque.

"Comin' soon weekly Friday night pig racin'" reads the sign in the Houston suburb of Katy. It goes on to promote a greased pig-catching contest, the opportunity to purchase a slow pig to save it's life and–of all things–a pork cook-off. Bring your own bottle, the sign also says and boasts the availability of "clean port-o-pots."

It sounds like a rowdy Friday night outing, Texas style.

But the planned pig races are wallowing in controversy. A Muslim group having just purchased adjacent property to build a mosque is not amused by the new sign and upcoming swine activities as neighbors–including parishioners at a nearby church my mother pastors–are left wondering what's going to happen to the neighborhood.

Too bad for the Muzzies that this is America, with all those, you know, freedom things.

Of course, if the roles were reversed the Muzzies would respond by firebombing the church, or something similar.

Video: Blue Christmas

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6 Responses to “CAIR Goes To The Pigs + Holiday Humor”

  1. Perri Nelson says:

    What really irks me about this is that the pig farm has been there for decades. The muslim group that wants to build a mosque on the adjacent property just bought that property a little while ago.
    Within a few weeks of buying it they asked the pig farmer to move. It seems to me that they should have chosen a different site if they didn’t want a pig farmer for a neighbor.

  2. Carl says:

    Of course, the muslim group will ask CAIR to demand any public official who backs the pig farm to resign since they (the public officials) hold bigotted anti-islamic views. CAIR may even try to get the ACLU involve claiming civil rights violations.

    I sincerely hope more people, especially public officials, stand up to CAIR and tell them off like Junior Rodriguez did to the ACLU in St. Benard Parish, Louisiana.

  3. Ogre says:

    Also of note in this case is that the neighborhood attempted to buy that land from the muzzies before they have built a single thing on that land. The muzzies, of course, refused.

  4. beth says:

    That is seriously funny!!! lololol

  5. I think we should have these all over the country. Can be sure there won’t be any Muzzie terrorists nearby 😉

  6. Angel says:

    I saw this story post..will trackback to ya!

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