Egypt Arrests Many In Terror Plots

You mean that terrorism actually exists? The hell you say!

CAIRO, Egypt – Police have arrested an American, 11 Europeans and several others from Arab countries for allegedly plotting terrorist attacks in Middle Eastern countries including Iraq, the Interior Ministry said Monday.

The group was part of an Islamic militant terror cell that had adopted extremist ideas and were living in Egypt under the guise of studying Arabic and Islamic studies, the ministry said in a statement.

Along with the American, police arrested two Belgians, nine French and several others from Egypt and other Arab countries including Tunisia and
Syria, the statement said.

Of course, the have to be BCT's (Bush Created Terrorists), because there was no terrorism, especially Middle Eastern terrorism, before Bush came to office.

Notice one of the places they were looking to attack. Iraq. Something that rarely makes the news is that quite a few of those involved in the "civil war" aren't even Iraqi's.

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2 Responses to “Egypt Arrests Many In Terror Plots”

  1. Blogs of War says:

    An American Terrorist in Egypt…

    Dr. Rusty Shackleford is all over it:
    An American was among 15 foreign nationals arrested last week in Egypt believed to be part of a larger terror network. The cell is supected of plotting terror attacks on Middle East targets, although there is some …

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