Abizaid Warns Of The Danger of Cutting and Running

I do not remember this getting any airplay int he MSM recently. Do you? (from the Harvard Gazette)

America cannot walk away from Iraq without risking another world war. That warning was sounded at the Kennedy School forum Nov. 17 by Gen. John Abizaid, commander of the United States Central Command (CENTCOM), the man responsible for U.S. military strategy in the Middle East.

"We can walk away from this enemy, but they will not walk away from us," Abizaid told the forum audience during a discussion titled "The Long War."

"We have not failed yet and we will not fail if we all understand what we have to do. If we can stay together nothing can stop us and we can make the world a better place."

Abizaid cited what he called the three greatest challenges facing the world – the Arab-Israeli conflict; the rise of extremist groups "with a dark vision of the future"; and, specifically, the dangers posed by "Shia revolutionary thought."

Does he mean that if we slink out of Iraq, put our weapons down, and sing Kumbaya, the Muzzies won't stop? The Lefties around the world are wrong? Goodness!

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3 Responses to “Abizaid Warns Of The Danger of Cutting and Running”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    You really didn’t expect the socialist MSM to tell the American people the truth, did you? They are too stupid to see what happens when you get the socialist government they want. Hugo should have shown them, print what he tells you or he’ll shut you down by force.

  2. Carl says:

    “We can walk away from this enemy, but they will not walk away from us”

    Remember this quote folks. When the libs force the early withdrawal of our troops from Iraq and we’re attacked again on our on soil, make damn sure those libs, whether they’re still in office or not, remember their actions.

  3. Nah, they’ll blame it all on Bush. If (God forbid) Hillary wins in 2008, and we are attacked sometime in late in 2009, they will blame Bush.

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