Style Points For Chutzpah

Have to give 9 out of 10 on the Chutzpah (weird word!) scale to Muammar (via Little Green Footballs)

Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has been involved in a diplomatic incident as he arrived in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, for a summit.

Nigerian officials say Col Gaddafi was accompanied by more than 200 heavily armed Libyan bodyguards. When security officers refused to allow them to keep their weapons, an argument ensued and Col Gaddafi stormed off. Only when Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo intervened did the bodyguards agree to hand in their weapons.

As arguments raged, the Libyan leader angrily set off on foot, intending to walk some 40km (25 miles) to the capital, before he was persuaded to return to the airport lounge.

Still can't like the guy, but, you have to admire his audacity!

And then there is this guy

There's before The Joke, when the Massachusetts senator appeared to be well on his way toward making a political comeback, laying the groundwork for a White House bid despite losing the 2004 presidential election.

Then there's after The Joke, when even fellow Democrats and former supporters question whether Kerry is still politically viable.

"The joke stopped that momentum in its track," said Jerry Crawford, a Des Moines attorney who was chairman of Kerry's Iowa campaign in 2004. "I don't think it was fair the way it was used against him, but it's nevertheless the reality. And it knocks him back to the place where he was shortly after the '04 election."

He was the default candidate in 2004, known as "anybody but Bush." He ran a poor campaign. The Nutroots doesn't support him. Democrats are ticked off that he had a large pile of unspent cash after the election. And he, along with his liberal media cohorts, still try to push what he said as a botched joke, using it to consider a 2008 run. A Senator who still has very little in the way of legislation to show for over 20 years in the Senate.

Kerry also gets 9 out of 10 Chutzpah points, but his are more of the "gall" and "nerve" types, versus Muammar's "audacity" and "brashness."

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