Global Warming: Point Made Against Man As Primary Cause

Not quite sure how this story slipped by the Yahoo News censors. It was actually residing on the front page of Yahoo

Volcanic eruptions on Iceland generated a cascade of events that led to record low levels of water in the Nile River in Africa and brought famine to the region more than two centuries ago, a new study concludes.

From June 1783 through February 1784, a series of 10 eruptions from the Laki Craters on this European island in the North Atlantic changed atmospheric conditions in most of the Northern Hemisphere.

Unusual temperature and precipitation patterns peaked in the summer of 1783, causing below normal rainfall in most of the Nile drainage basin and therefore record low levels in the mighty river for up to one year following the eruptions.

When volcanic eruptions occur, large amounts of sulfur dioxide are released into the atmosphere. When this gas combines with water vapor, aerosol particles form. These particles reflect sunlight back to space and therefore cool average temperatures on Earth.

I'm shocked. You mean to tell me that the Earth herself can actually change weather patterns thousands of miles away? Holy cow, that's insane!

So when underwater volcano's are releasing large amounts of greenhouse gasses, they can effect parts of the globe far away. Like Antarctica.

Amazingly, droughts can be cause not only by hotter temperatures, but cooler temps, as well. Of course, the global warming as caused by Man folks will just say that climate change can mean anything. One of them did in a major speech in Canada last year, unfortunately, cannot find the reference on Gore's internet.

If you want to blame anyone, blame beavers, as they cause massive deforestation! A pair of beavers can cut down up to 400 trees a year.

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