Stop The ACLU Blogburst, 8/31/06

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The ACLU thinks that parents have no right to know if their pregnant underage daughter is seeking an abortion.

vs. America

80% of Americans think that parents have the right to know if their minor daughters are seeking an abortion. (CBS News Poll July 13-14, 2005)


The ACLU believes anyone, for any reason at any time should be allowed to abort a child.

vs. America

75% of Americans believe that there should at least be some restrictions on abortion. (CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll June 24-26, 2005)


The ACLU opposes abstinence education.

vs. America

 96% of American parents with children under 17 want their kids taught that abstinence is the best approach to sex. 93% of American parents with children under 17 want their kids taught that having sex leads to disease and pregnancy. 85 % of American parents with children under 17 want abstinence to be taught with at least equal emphasis as contraception receives. 79% of American parents with children under 17 want their kids taught that teen sex leads to harmful psychological and physical effects. ( ________________________________________

The ACLU has fought to have constitutionally-sound displays that include the Ten Commandments removed from public property.

vs. America

75% of Americans believe that the Ten Commandments should be displayed on public property. (CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll June 24-26, 2005) ___________________________________________

The ACLU is on record as supporting polygamy.

vs. America

92% of Americans think polygamy is morally repugnant. (The Gallup Poll May 5-7, 2003) ___________________________________________

The ACLU has filed cases across the nation to redefine marriage against the repeatedly expressed will of the people and, now the overwhelming affirmation by even Left-leaning courts that the state is justified in retaining the definition of marriage. (Note: the ACLU got smoked in an attempt to prevent Tennesseans from even having the opportunity to express their will at the polls this year.)

vs. America

21 states have recently voted to protect marriage by an average of 70%: Alaska 68%, Hawaii 69%, Nebraska 70%, California 61%, Nevada 67%, Arkansas 75%, Georgia 76%, Kentucky 75%, Louisiana 78%, Michigan 59%, Mississippi 86%, Missouri 71%, Montana 67%, North Dakota 73%, Ohio 62%, Oklahoma 76%, Oregon 57%, Utah 66%, Kansas 70%; Alabama 81%; Texas 76% __________________________________________


believes that children should be trapped in failed public schools, even inner-city children whose parents desperately want to escape the captivity of government education. vs. America

69% of Americans believe that parents should be able to choose their child’s public school rather than being assigned based solely on residence location. ( 63% of Americans believe that parents should be able to choose the best school for their child, whether public or private. (Zogby International Polling July 2002)


The ACLU opposes personally-initiated prayer in school and moments of silence as well as individual acknowledgement of religious beliefs at public events.

vs. America

83% of Americans think prayer should be permitted during school activities including graduation ceremonies. (Gallup/CNN/USA Today Poll June 25-27, 1999) ______________________________________________

The ACLU has filed lawsuits and threatened cities and schools all across the country to prevent Christmas from being openly celebrated in public fora.

vs. America

96% of Americans celebrate Christmas 87% of Americans believe Christmas displays should be allowed on public property. (FOX News Opinion Dynamics Poll December 3-4, 2003) __________________________________________

The ACLU has attacked Mt. Soledad memorial in San Diego since the the very beginning of Bush the Elder's Administration because it includes a cross. This is just one of countless examples of the ACLU’s seek and destroy mission to eliminate all religious symbols from public grounds.

vs. America

76% of San Diegans voted to save the Mt. Soledad National War Memorial from the ACLU’s attack on behalf of a single atheist. That atheist, Jim McElroy was quoted as saying following the vote: “It still doesn't mean a damn thing," he said, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. “Voters should have never voted on it. It's a waste of taxpayers' money.” ________________________________________

The reaction from ACLU-types will predictably be something like: “What is right and Constitutional is not always popular.” Easy answer: What the ACLU does is invent rights and distort the Constitution, which is why the ACLU is so UNpopular. The ACLU has used dubious interpretations of law NEVER imagined by our Founders with compliance from radical judges to push an agenda abhorrent to most Americans and indeed to the intent of the Constitution. Look no further than the ACLU's pro bono defense of a website that advocates pedophilia and instructs its visitors in how to rape children and evade prosecution. So…the ACLU considers encouraging instruction on how to commit and get away with child rape a First Amendment right…does anyone believe that the Founders would agree? Therefore, can't we conclude that if the ACLU is so wrong on this, that it may be wrong on many other things? Judge the evidence for yourself.

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2 Responses to “Stop The ACLU Blogburst, 8/31/06”

  1. Mike says:

    Here’s the problem, in my opinion. Say for this one, “The ACLU thinks that parents have no right to know if their pregnant underage daughter is seeking an abortion.”

    Okay, under most circumstances parents should know their daughter is getting an abortion. Nearly all, yes, and they should be told by the daughter. If she can’t talk to her parents, or at least her mother, about it there are much deeper problems.

    But that’s the case in a very small number of cases. In those there could be, say, an abusive father or mother. Maybe it’s was actually the father who did it… There are some sick people out there, I’m sure you’d agree.

    So that’s the problem I have with, “A physician must inform a minor’s parents”. If the physician must consult the minor about it, and can use his or her own judgment as to whether the child will be put in more danger because of the parents being informed, then I’m all for it. But that’s not likely to be the case.

    It also goes along with my view on abstinence education. I certainly think it’s important to teach children that the only way to know they aren’t going to get pregnant or get an STD of some kind is to abstain from having sex. But I think that it’s also important to teach them about safe sex, because some of them are going to do it anyway, and isn’t that better than having kids aborting their kids?

  2. I won’t disagree with you, Mike. There are times when the situation might merit a different response. In the case of an underage girl knocked up by a family member, notification should go to a judge. Also, since said family member needs to go to jail.

    My issue with being agaisnt parental notification is that parents have to be notified if their kid got busted for drinking a beer, yet the ACLU doesn’t want parental notification for a life changing medical procedure.

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