Major Terrorist Plot Thwarted In England

If one has to wake up and hear the radio blaring out about terrorism, it's good that it is because it was stopped, not because the attack was successful (from MSNBC)

British police thwarted on Thursday what they said was a plot to blow up aircraft in mid-flight between Britain and the United States and arrested more than 15 people.

Both countries stepped up security, causing severe delays at airports following the revelation of the plot, which a police source said was believed to involve a “liquid chemical” device.

“A major terrorist plot to allegedly blow up aircraft in mid-flight has been disrupted,” a London police spokesman said “The police acting with the security service MI5 are investigating an alleged plot to bring down a number of aircraft through mid-flight explosions, causing a considerable loss of life,” Interior Minister John Reid said.

This is fantastic news. We rarely hear about plots being stopped, or the work that goes in to the operations. But, this one is too big to keep quiet, especially since liquids have been banned on US flights for the time being, and, heard on the radio, in the airports themselves.

The targets were not UK carriers, but US ones. Continental, American, and United.

Britian asked EU carriers to suspend flights to the UK, and have raised their terror alert level to severe, the highest possible.

The United States Dept. Of Homeland Security has not raised the overal level from elevated (level 3 of 5) at this time. Might be a good idea. The level for commercial flights from the UK to the US has been raised to Red (level 5). ALl other flights have had their levels raised to Orange.

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My good liberal friend The Gun Toting Liberal finds a way to spin this to be anti-Bush, working the Patriot Act into it. Tsk tsk.

Daily Kosbat? Nothing to see hear, move along, terraism doesn't exist.

DUmmies chime in here and here:

  • * More propaganda from the BFEE There are no terrorist, just Rovian plots
  • * BBC & Skye: reporting that Blair/Bush discussed this plot in July when Blair was in DC. I guess timing is everything, just seems a bit odd this goes down while they both are on vacation.
  • * With Lamont's big win in CT BushCo needs another distraction. Plus hurricane season is turning out to be a dud, so we're back to terra.
  • * if they knew this was going down, you'd think they'd have a plan in place. But as usual, complete chaos is occuring at the airports. And they both are on vacation. (like the people who work at the airports all would have been alerted. All those illegals would love it.)
  • * That is the plan  More chaos. Got to keep the sheeple scared you know
  • * And coming on the day * starts his fall campaigning makes the timing even more interesting. The administration's use of terror alerts (as a political ploy) in the past is well documented, and something they admitted to doing.

 I'd say that the Loons have been feeding their heads, but they don't need drugs to go wackadoodle. Just a good dose of reality, common sense, and some forceps.

Update: listening to WPTF 680 in Raleight, the reporters and spokesmen for Raleigh Durham International have elaborated on the liquids ban. No liquids are allowed through security, including cologne, perfume, motion lotion, cough syrup, etc. Furthermore, there are to be no covered liquids sold in the airports, particularly the secured areas, such as bottled drinks.

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  2. Britain proves it is absolutely possible to foil the largest terror plot in history without the benefit of a ‘Patriot Act’…

    That’s correct; our brothers and sisters from across the pond were able to clearly demonstrate this morning how a free country with plentiful civil liberties and personal freedoms (with the sole exception of the benefits of our own 2nd Amendment)…

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