Jill Carrol Captors Arrested

Amazing that this good news made it into the MSM (though no photoshopping involved:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The U.S. military said on Wednesday it had arrested four Iraqis suspected of being involved in the abduction of U.S. journalist Jill Carroll, held hostage for 82 days before her release earlier this year.

"Coalition forces have detained four Iraqi men that we believe have been involved in the kidnapping of Jill Carroll," Major General William Caldwell, the top U.S. military spokesman in Iraq, told a news briefing.

"Troops on the ground, young marines and sailors, paid attention to what may have been considered minor details at the time," he said.

Carroll, a reporter with the Christian Science Monitor, was abducted on January 7 by armed militants in Baghdad and released on March 30.

Excellent. Simply excellent. How will the Left spin this to be anti-Bush/anti-war/anti-military?

Let's start with the HuffPuff:

  • Why is the US persuing this? Why aren't we chalking the whole web of bloody escapades up to one horrible lesson, and GETTING OUR SOLDIERS OUT? (cut n' run)
  • When will be administration admit that Iraq doesn't want the neo-con democracy crammed down their throats at the end of a M-16? There is nothing to be ashamed of…you were wrong guys, admit it, move on… (more cut n' run)
  • We must reciprocate and crack down on the criminals in are military who rape Iraqi women and murder civillians. (military bad)
  • Given that we only have the word of the military in this matter, I would side with the four and believe them to be innocent of the charges. (military bad)
  • At the rate he's giving them out, and for the same reasons, they'll (the four caught Iraqi's) receive the Medal of Freedom from Chimpy in early 2007.
  • Certainly plausible. This was done during the height of Rumsy and the Lincoln Group conniving for "good news for Iraq" and the govt.'s attacks on the presses for reporting its own criminal activities while it tromped around making threats against CIA "leakers." We've certainly been exposed to plenty of govt. vnr's released by their lapdog news media. (conspiracy theory)

I think I will skip the DU. I didn't realize I would garner that much material through 16 replies in the story.

Speaking of cut n' run, John Hawkins at Right Wing News has an excellent story on what Lamont's win means. Which has what to do with my post? Well, in Liberal World, Jill Carroll's kidnapper's would have been given anything they wanted, and never gone after. The libs will surrender to any and all terrorist threats.

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