Good News From Iraq

Won't see this stuff in the mainstream media. All those progressives would get weeping hives if they checked out a military site

Women's Center Opens in Assyria Village

 CAMP TAJI — Assyria Village held a grand opening for a women’s center just outside the gates of Camp Taji Wednesday.

The center will provide women in the small village a place to meet, sew, cook and use the center’s computers.

The $230,000 building is brand new and is equipped with 12 sewing machines, 12 computers, a kitchen, office space, a back-up generator and two ovens.

“This is the first building I’ve ever heard of that is just for women,” said Capt. Holly Hanson, a team leader for 414th Civil Affairs Battalion. The unit is attached to the 4th Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team.

“There aren’t a lot of chances for women in this part of the world. It (the women’s center) will give them a sense of accomplishment and an education that they won’t get anywhere else.”

And US women's rights groups like NOW and the Democrats? Crickets.

This is a fantastic accomplishment. Kudos to the USA and her military! Iraqi Army Capt. Nakeeb Saheed had this to say about America and her soldiers

“As an Iraqi officer, I would like to thank you for the great efforts you are doing for us,” Nakeeb said. “I appreciate the efforts and the sacrifices you are making.”

U.S. Soldiers should take heart and know that the majority of Iraqis support their presence here, Nakeeb said.

His people would be grateful forever for being freed from Saddam’s reign of terror.

“When the Iraqi people see the American trucks, they would like to wave their hands, say ‘Hi’ and greet them,” Nakeeb said. “They are so scared if the terrorists see them that they will be killed or something bad will happen to their families. The Iraqi people love the Americans from their hearts and this is more important than waving their hands.”

Thank you, Captain Saheed.

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