ACLU Against Quality Edumacation

Considering the fundamental learning problems in our public schools, you would think that the ACLU would be for quality education. Alas, that is not the case:

Plans to hold separate-gender classes at a Livingston Parish junior high school this fall are being challenged by the American Civil Liberties Union.

In a letter sent to the school system, the ACLU says the plans violated federal and state discrimination laws. The ACLU said it would sue to stop the separate classes if the school system does not change its plan.

The ACLU reminds me of the Mafia. Both are in the business of intimidation. The Mob will break your legs, the ACLU will sue. Well, maybe that isn't fair. To the Mob. With the Mafia, it is just business. With the ACLU, it is a belief. Maybe it would be better to compare the ACLU to the Taliban.

Be that as it may, rather then listening to the school board and the Superintendent, perhaps questioning some other learning professionals, the ACLU immediately goes to their typical extortion method, the lawsuit. Perhaps if they had asked Superintendent Randy Pope, they would have learned

The school system is piloting a single-gender program at two of its junior high schools in Denham Springs and Walker where boys and girls are in different classes for academic subjects. Because of scheduling issues, some classes, such as band, will remain co-educational, Pope said.

The idea is that boys and girls might feel more comfortable performing academically or seeking help from a teacher in an single-gender environment, Pope said. Some children wanting to impress the opposite sex might fear looking stupid if they need to ask a question, he said.

"It's something we've researched," he said. "Its just trying to get the kids to do better."

Where is the lady from the Simpson's saying "What about the children? Won't someone at the ACLU think about the children?"

Think back to your days in junior high. Boys are hitting that age where girls do not have cooties, and gee, smell great! Girls are starting to hit their growth period, and all sorts of changes are happening. Creates lots of angst on both sides. Wouldn't it have been nice to have been spared embarrassment, and just be able to learn, without trying to stare at the girl next to you?

Perhaps this program will not work. I doubt that the quality of education, such as it is, will go down with separate sexes classes. But, what if they go up? God forbid the ACLU allow the chance for a higher quality of education happen.

Of course, the ACLU doesn't want people with better education. Well educated people do not follow their silly agendas.

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From over at Stop the ACLU, Ruth Ginsburg, a former ACLU lawyer, made a ruling involving the ACLU.

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