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Dead Man’s Chest-Aaaarrrrr!

[gv data=”QuH1tbEq0r8″][/gv] Only a bit over a week, Matey's!

Everyone Knew It

Just a general thought: if everyone knew that USA and the Treasury Department were investigating where the terrorist money is, where it came from, and where it is going, then how come the NY Slimes had to splash it all over the front page? We all know that the weather is going to do something. […]

McKinney Allows Racist Comments

Via CNS News: Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.), who charged last March that the Capitol Police harassed her because she is "a female black Congresswoman," allows posters on her re-election website to use racial slurs, a conservative black leader says. Prominently featured on McKinney's campaign site are messages from people supporting the Georgia Democrat who refer […]

Pentagon Honors Military Chaplains With Display

A story guaranteed to drive the liberals nuts, as it is about two things they hate: the military and religion (from DefenseLink News) A new display commemorating the service of military chaplains was dedicated June 23 in a ceremony at the Pentagon. "This ceremony commemorates the unselfish ministry of a group of unsung heroes in […]

NY Times: Let’s Burn The Flag

In a typical Times editorial, the paper is taking the position that a Constitutional amendment would be, well, unconstitutional. With the Fourth of July fast approaching, Senate Republicans are holding a barbecue. Unfortunately, instead of grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, they are trying to torch a hole in the First Amendment's free speech guarantee by […]

Tuesdays Linkfest!

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I have a little question. If everyone was having fits over the FBI's raid of Congressman William Jefferson's (D-La) official House office, a raid which was signed off on by a federal judge, claiming that this was a violation of the separation of powers, then why don't the same people have an […]

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