Pentagon Honors Military Chaplains With Display

A story guaranteed to drive the liberals nuts, as it is about two things they hate: the military and religion (from DefenseLink News)

A new display commemorating the service of military chaplains was dedicated June 23 in a ceremony at the Pentagon.

"This ceremony commemorates the unselfish ministry of a group of unsung heroes in the Department of Defense – our military chaplains and assistant chaplains," David S.C. Chu, undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, said during the exhibit dedication ceremony in a refurbished portion of the building's fifth floor A ring.

The display – the first in the Pentagon to specifically honor chaplains – consists of four backlit panels that highlight the accomplishments and service of military chaplains since the American Revolution.

Will the leftards scream that this violates the "separation of church and state?" A phrase that, you know, appears nowhere in the Constitution?

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2 Responses to “Pentagon Honors Military Chaplains With Display”

  1. Mike says:

    Hm, well, I’d probably fall into that “leftard” category, but I think it’s great. I can only imagine that the chaplains help quite a number of soldiers as they have to deal with their duties, particularly when they’re in harms way.

    I just wanted to note, however, that although the phrase “separation of church and state” doesn’t appear in the Constitution, it didn’t take long for Thomas Jefferson (in 1802), serving as our third President, to coin the phrase, writing to the Danbury Baptists that there should be a “wall of separation between church and state”. Though not a Framer, President Jefferson did quite a lot to establish deeper meanings to the words that were drafted in that document, and considering that the courts have continuously cited this letter, it seems as though they agree that the words “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” can be accurately summarized as “separation of church and state”.

  2. William Teach says:

    Well, Mike, if you fell into the category, you would be screaming at me. That is why I made a distinction between leftard and others like liberal or democrat.

    However, sep of c&s is not the law, nor the Constitution. Jefferson’s point was that the government should not be giving money to one particular religious group over another. And, courts have been know to be wrong.

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