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Bye Bye, Alberto

Well, that was fun today. Not much wind, but plenty of water. But, it wasn’t fun for everyone: Nearly eight inches of rain fell in the Raleigh area and other parts of central North Carolina, flooding roads and low spots Wednesday as the remnants of the season’s first named tropical storm slowly churned through the […]

Priceless RW Cartoon

While I was taking a trip through the DU slime earlier, I ran across a funny, funny thread, where the DUmmies where having hissy fits over two RW cartoons. Considering how often the Leftards express themselves with cartoons, it is priceless. This one is fantastic. I haven’t seen anyone post it, so, enjoy! Done by […]

Libs Love The Military, Part Deux

Now, Teach rarely to never quotes the political forum he frequents, what happens on the forum stays on the forum, but, ya know, I reckon I might have to bust that saying, especially since this looks like a drive by poster (sorry, not naming the forum): 174971. Another “milestone”? by catullus, 6/14/06 7:07 ET Coward […]

Coincidence? Irony? Serendipity?

  Happy Flag Day, y’all, Jebediah here. On the front page of the New York Slimes this AM, under their “News from AP & Al Reuters” are two headlines: Indonesia Release Militant Islamic Cleric Indonesia Volcano Back On Highest Alert Level Happenstance? Karma? I wonder if the Webmaster understood what he was putting on the […]

Happy Flag Day, 2006!

June 14th is Flag Day. It was first celebrated in 1877, which was the 100th Anniversary of our Flag, hence the cutie pie with the 37 Star Flag.   The Pledge of Allegience was first said in 1892, the 400th Anniversary of Columbus discovering America.   Woodrow Wilson established Flag Day as a national celebration […]

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