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Stop The Deserts! I Have A Shovel

Oh, my, I just cannot stop laughing at this one: Experts at a world conference here on desertification have called for political leaders to use the technical tools available to stem the merciless advance of parched land and its devastating social, economic and human consequences. "In most cases, the technical solutions exist and the know-how […]

Will The Dems Turn On Hurricane Blanco?

You remember Gov. Kathleen Blanco Of Louisiana, she of the "was I supposed to ask for help?" during Katrina. She who was worried more about what she was wearing then anything else during and after Katrina. She who the Left assiged zero blame for what happened in her State before, during, and after Katrina, regarding […]

Lunchtime Scary: Britney!

Ooops, she did it again. She made an ass out of herself. Britney Spears wants to set up her own magazine – about herself. The ‘Toxic’ singer – who announced her plans during an interview on US TV show ‘Today’ – thinks it will help set the record straight about her marriage to Kevin Federline. […]

Nifong Upset Over Blogs

Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong is a little upset. Not over the way he himself has handled the Duke Rape Case, but, over the media treatment, including blogs, in the latest Newsweek (via Wizbangblog) Asked for an interview last week by NEWSWEEK, Nifong declined, but sent an angry e-mail accusing the national media of getting spun […]

Senate Dems Show Their True Feelings

After the political stunt last week, where the GOP forced votes in the House and Senate on Iraq, the Senate Defeatocrats plan on pulling their own stunt: Democrats plan to offer a resolution in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday seeking a timetable for a phased withdrawal from Iraq, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein said on Sunday. […]

Beer Monday Linkfest: Romanticism

Happy start of the week, all you right wing nuts! 🙂 [gv data=”http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=4290991638119372161″ allowScriptAccess=”sameDomain” quality=”best” bgcolor=”#ffffff” scale=”noScale” salign=”TL”  FlashVars=”playerMode=embedded”][/gv] Do you have an interesting post? Or just a post? Want it spread around? Well, go ahead and link it up! Otherwise, Cynthia McKinney may pop you one get of scott free, or worse! Send a […]

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