Stop The Deserts! I Have A Shovel

Oh, my, I just cannot stop laughing at this one:

Experts at a world conference here on desertification have called for political leaders to use the technical tools available to stem the merciless advance of parched land and its devastating social, economic and human consequences.

"In most cases, the technical solutions exist and the know-how is available to help the greatest number," Hama Arba Diallo, the executive secretary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), said at the opening of the conference in the Tunisian capital Monday.

However, he lamented that 10 years after the UN convention on desertification the world's leaders still had not learned to deal with the global advance of arid land.

Gee, we could have made alot of headway with shovels and backhoes over the last 10 years, eh? I wonder if they have noticed that the Sahara has been shrinking? Or that a warmer climate will supposedly lead to smaller deserts, since it will be wetter?

Can anyone name the worlds largest desert? Yup. Antarctica. Guess what? It's cold there. Averages less then zero degrees F year round. Guess what the second largest is? The Arctic. The Sahara is 3rd.

But, you know, it is all Man's fault:

 Man-made global warming is set to accelerate desertification — some experts say this is probably already the case — yet paradoxically it also threatens deserts themselves, placing unique wildlife and cultures in peril.

There were no deserts prior to the industrial revolution? Or before the Rise of Man? Snicker.

But, they must have plans after 10 years, right?

The conference will come up with recommendations and proposals for the future of the world's drylands, which then will be presented to a summit of government leaders in October in Algeria.

Guess not.

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