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American Flag Business

Several new fine members to add on this almost Flag Day. Give it up for: La Dolce Divas (beautiful ladies!) Fairlight-Harmunt’s Haven (From across the pond in Britain!) Welcome aboard, Mateys!  

Schumer Wants To Break The Law

You really, really, have to hand it to Chuck. If you are going to go wonky, might as well play deep center: Senator Charles Schumer says he accepts the decision not to prosecute top White House aide Karl Rove in the CIA leak case, but he wants the investigation to continue until someone is held […]

Pelosi Wants Definition

From The Hill: With Republicans seeking to define Democrats by their votes on such hot-button issues as gay marriage, the estate tax and flag burning, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is arguing that Democrats need to tell voters about themselves before Republicans succeed in doing it for them.The time to criticize the Republicans’ “culture […]

Al Queda In Iraq Names Next Victim

From the USA Today Al-Qaeda in Iraq named a successor Monday to Abu Musab Zarqawi and said he would stick to the slain leader’s path — attacks on Shiites as well as on U.S. and Iraqi forces. The new leader, identified by the nom de guerre Abu Hamza al-Muhajer in a statement posted on the […]

Fitzmas Cancelled (plus linkfest)

There will be no joy in Liberalville today. No fitzmas pudding, no cute wrapping paper, no bright bows, no pithy Fitzmas cards. The tofu turkey has been overcooked, the cranberries are almost liquid, and the gravy is curdled. Father Fitzmas will not be coming this year:  Top White House aide Karl Rove has been told by […]

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