Al Queda In Iraq Names Next Victim

From the USA Today

Al-Qaeda in Iraq named a successor Monday to Abu Musab Zarqawi and said he would stick to the slain leader’s path — attacks on Shiites as well as on U.S. and Iraqi forces.

The new leader, identified by the nom de guerre Abu Hamza al-Muhajer in a statement posted on the Web, appeared to be a foreign Arab, like his predecessor.

But otherwise he is an unknown. The name has not appeared in previous al-Qaeda in Iraq propaganda or on U.S. lists of terrorists with rewards on their heads, suggesting he is a lower-level figure or someone more prominent who has taken a new pseudonym.

President Bush said Monday that Muhajer would join the ranks of those sought by the U.S. “I think the successor to Zarqawi is going to be on our list to bring to justice,” Bush said.

“Hi, my name is Abu. I am very angry about my full name, sounds like someone sneezing. I am anxious to die as my predecessor did.”

Another supposed non-Iraqi. Gee, that would make him a terrorist, not a freedom fighter.

So, how soon will those on the Left embrace Abu?

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