Schumer Wants To Break The Law

You really, really, have to hand it to Chuck. If you are going to go wonky, might as well play deep center:

Senator Charles Schumer says he accepts the decision not to prosecute top White House aide Karl Rove in the CIA leak case, but he wants the investigation to continue until someone is held accountable.

Schumer is calling upon special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to continue the witch hunt investigation until someone is held responsible for the leak.

Schumer wants Fitzgerald to release a detailed report of his findings when the investigation is over.

Only one problem, Chuch: it is illegal, i-l-l-e-g-a-l, to release Grand Jury information in that manner.

I would think the first thing that Fitzpatrick should do, after three years of investigation, is explain to the American people, who are footing the bill, whether a law was actually broken in outing Plame. Otherwise, what we have here is the Spanish Inquisition, without the morals.

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2 Responses to “Schumer Wants To Break The Law”

  1. Consider yourself blogrolled! Good work.

  2. The Dems just need to shut up. They are sounding more incompetent than the Republicans. Just leave it alone and let Fitzgerald do his job.

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