Libs Love The Military, Part Deux

Now, Teach rarely to never quotes the political forum he frequents, what happens on the forum stays on the forum, but, ya know, I reckon I might have to bust that saying, especially since this looks like a drive by poster (sorry, not naming the forum):

174971. Another “milestone”?

by catullus, 6/14/06 7:07 ET

Coward Bush sneaks into Iraq disguised as a shipment of fertilizer to give a pep talk to his collection of corrupt lackies. To the Kons, this is another “milestone” in Iraq, just like the other 863 “milestones” that have preceded it.

Would catullas be calling the military “corrupt lackies?” Sure looks like it. You could make an argument that he meant the elected government of Iraq, but, you just know that is not what he/she meant. It was quite apparent what the Leftards think of the military.

Ah, but it gets better (from the DU)

 75,000 Iraqi AND U.S. Troops are preparing to “Cleanse” Bahgdad.  My God the carnage that’s surely coming.

But don’t tell the Left they hate the troops.

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2 Responses to “Libs Love The Military, Part Deux”

  1. Mr Bob says:

    It is weird to see a group of poeple so isolated from the real world they don’t even know anyone in the military, but that’s what libs do. Rather than aruging the points with those of who support the war (and may get deployed to it) they just talk amongst themselves.

    I have to admit if someone said some of those things in front of this Navy Man, I’d probably end up in jail…and they in the hospital.

  2. William Teach says:

    You’re right, they are totally divorced from reality.

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