Daily Archives: May 10, 2006

Life And Death Every Day!

Found this old article about WWII Normandy, France (CNN) — “Don’t let me die! Please, don’t let me die,” the U.S. soldier said repeatedly as medics carried him to the trauma room. His glazed eyes focused on an Army chaplain kneeling over him. There was blood everywhere. A roadside bomb that exploded next to his […]

WTW: Save The Butterfly’s!!!!!!

You know they are endangered, right? The number of butterflies migrating through the state has fallen to a nearly 40-year low as populations already hurt by habitat loss and climate change encountered a cold, wet spring, researchers said. Oh, Lord, there it is. Climate change. You know they mean that it is not climate change because […]

Amnesty International: Only US Bad

  At least vocally. How often do you hear AI discuss Iran or Iraq? They have a webpage slamming Iran’s human rights records. Torture, arbitrary detention, supression of the press, discrimination, denial of Freedom of Expression, organized murder, and horrific treatment of women, among others. Amnesty also has several interesting pages on Iraq, including this […]

WTW: World Powers Struggle To Find Common Policy On Iran(?)

  Morning, y’all, Jebediah here. I just don’t get it. Why is there a struggle? It’s very f’ing simple. You make Iran honor their commitments to not have nuclear weapons. World powers struggled to agree a common approach to Iran‘s nuclear ambitions, as US President George W. Bush vowed to pursue diplomacy to resolve the […]

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