WTW: World Powers Struggle To Find Common Policy On Iran(?)

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Morning, y’all, Jebediah here. I just don’t get it. Why is there a struggle? It’s very f’ing simple. You make Iran honor their commitments to not have nuclear weapons.

World powers struggled to agree a common approach to Iran‘s nuclear ambitions, as US President George W. Bush vowed to pursue diplomacy to resolve the crisis.

With Russia and China still opposed to imposing sanctions on Iran, the United States and its European allies were now looking at possible incentives as well as penalties to defuse the nuclear crisis.

Iran has rejected international demands to end its uranium enrichment work, which Washington and its allies believe hides a nuclear weapons drive. Tehran insists its research is for peaceful purposes.

If anyone can name one legitimate reason to have an enrichment program other then for nuclear weapons, I’d love to hear it. Cause their ain’t none. They can say that the program is for peaceful purposes, yet, they are enriching uranium, and have put the reactor site in an area where it would be hard to provide electricity to cities.

Now, we might not like Iran with any kind of nuclear technology at all (I sure don’t, it is very worrisome, to put it mildly,) however, as long as they are using it for peaceful applications, they are well within their rights as part of the Non Proliferation Treaties Third Pillar. Iran must allow inspectors into its facilities, and they should be there on a constant basis.

As far as an incentives that are being considered, maybe Iran should give up some reasons why they should be given any incentives, considering their support and harboring of terrorists and terrorism, their manipulation of the oil market, their horrible human rights violations, and repeated calls for the destruction of Israel.

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