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WTW: Trolling And A Goofy HuffPuff Writer

Some days, I just do not get liberal BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome). Case in point: Yes, last Thursday the country experienced an uncomfortable moment when the President of the United States reassured us that the government was not “trolling through the personal lives of millions of innocent Americans.” Apparently W’s speech writing staff doesn’t know […]

WTW: Damn That Insourcing!

Ya know, I love my ’97 Honda CRV. Runs like a dream. Still in fantastic condition. Completely paid for. Why bother getting a new car? Well, Honda is giving me an incentive: Profit-rich Honda Motor Co. announced plans Wednesday to build a new plant in the United States — its sixth in North America — […]

Sneezy “Scorns” EU Offer

As Teach mentioned yesterday, the EU was thinking of offering Iran a light water reactor. Apparently, Iran doesn’t think much of the idea: Iranian President Mahmoud “Sneezy” Ahmadinejad on Wednesday ruled out any idea of halting nuclear fuel work in return for EU incentives, saying the Europeans were offering “candy for gold.” Britain, France and Germany, the […]

I’ll Sign The Peace Pledge

Provided they can get all the terrorist scum out there, along with Iran, and anyone else outside of the USA to do it, as well. As the war becomes more deadly, costly and counter-productive each day, a growing majority of citizens want to see a change of course in Iraq and U.S. foreign policies that […]

WTW: Mimi For Gov!

  Hey, y’all, Jebediah here. And, boy, do I have a great politician for ya today!  You know that photo “ours and theirs,” the one that compares the women of the Right Vs. the ugly beatches on the Left? Well, add another hot babe to the Republican side. (found via Wonkette. Go figure :))   […]

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