Daily Archives: May 13, 2006

Matsui Appologizes To Team

In an era of pampered and spoiled atheletes, this is a serious breath of fresh air: Immediately following surgery Friday to repair a broken wrist that will sideline him for at least three months, Hideki Matsui apologized for getting hurt. Matsui was injured trying to make a diving catch in left field during the New […]

Hot Pirate Booty!!!!

├é┬áNothing like a hottie in a Pirate Bikini. I managed to get some exclusive photo’s of some of my favorite Defeatocratic babes posing in Pirate Bikini’s. Are you ready to get excited, guys?

Asshat Headline Of The Month

Grief Compels Marine’s Dad To Support War Compels. What an asshattery headline. It couldn’t have read “Patriotic Father Who Lost Marine Son Shows Support” or “Marine Father Continues To Support Dead Son’s Mates”? Something positive? But, sadly, no. He is “compelled.” Do not know about you, but I read that headline as very negative, and […]

Best Headline Of The Week, + A New War

Coalition of willing against EU in online porn dispute Kinda hard to beat that one, eh? The US, UK and Australia have closed ranks after EU accusations that the US has interfered with the operation of the internet addressing system, following the rejection of a top level domain devoted to pornography. The board of international […]

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