Best Headline Of The Week, + A New War

Coalition of willing against EU in online porn dispute

Kinda hard to beat that one, eh?

The US, UK and Australia have closed ranks after EU accusations that the US has interfered with the operation of the internet addressing system, following the rejection of a top level domain devoted to pornography. The board of international domain names regulator ICANN yesterday voted down a longstanding proposal to set up a .xxx domain by a margin of 9 to 5. While details of the members who voted and their reasons will not be released until later this month, internet pioneer Vint Cerf from the US and ICANN chairman Paul Twomey, from Australia, are known to have voted against the proposal.

In response to the decision not to allow the new domain to be registered, representatives from the European Union have accused the US of political interference.

Waaaaa! The things that the EU get all upset about. Maybe they should worry more about rising levels of Islamic immigrants, both legal and illegal, and all that that entails, high unemployment, and low GDP’s, among others. Especially France.

I doubt Al Gore had the internet being 99% porn when he “invented it.” 🙂

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