Daily Archives: May 1, 2006

Did Something Happen Today?

I guess I kinda missed the part where the USA was shut down. I mean, I was pretty busy re-merchandising, but, business still went on. If anyone can let me know what I missed, I’d appreciate!

Duke Lacrosse Lawyer: Nifong Should Step Aside

Getting a bit more testy up in Durham An attorney representing a Duke University lacrosse player accused of rape demanded the district attorney’s removal from the case Monday and accused him of using it to help his election prospects. District Attorney Mike Nifong faces a primary election Tuesday that could decide whether he remains in […]

Oil Prices: All Bush’s Fault?

Oh, wait a moment, maybe not Oil surged 1 percent to above $72 a barrel on Monday as a refinery fire in Italy added fresh concerns to a market already nervous over Iran‘s defiant pursuit of its nuclear program and militant violence in Nigeria. Well, there are two reasons. And how about NOTHING FOCUSES THE […]

Immigrant National Day of Protest

At what point does reality set in for both the illegals and for members in all levels of the US gov’t, from local to federal? Thousands of illegal immigrants and their allies across the country plan a show of force Monday to illustrate how much immigrants matter in the U.S. economy. Good for them. I […]

Just Remember When He Runs Again

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