Immigrant National Day of Protest

At what point does reality set in for both the illegals and for members in all levels of the US gov’t, from local to federal?

Thousands of illegal immigrants and their allies across the country plan a show of force Monday to illustrate how much immigrants matter in the U.S. economy.

Good for them. I hope they get fired, caught by INS, and deported. I hope that the companies that they work for get fined in a big way.

Does that seem harsh? They shouldn’t be here in the first place. They broke out laws to enter the country, they harm our infrastructure, and now they want us to give them Rights they do no deserve. And they are doing it by trying to blackmail the USA.

Locally, let’s take a look:

But Sunday, Salazar, 35, an Apex resident, traveled three counties away with his wife and two young children to show support for the same cause. Salazar was one of about 1,000 people, most of them Hispanic, who gathered in front of this small city’s historic train station to rally for immigration reform.

“I’m just supporting all my people,” he said, clutching a small American flag in one hand and his 4-year-old son, Jesus, in his other. “It’s very important that the president and everyone in Washington do something about this immigration situation. They should give a permit for people to be legal.”

He said he hopes today’s boycott “will get everyone’s attention.”

I’m sure it will. But probably not in the way he wants.

On the reverse side, the signs carried other messages that read “Criminalizing the American dream is wrong,” “Hispanic buying power in North Carolina exceeded $8 billion in 2004,” and “Slavery was the law. The law was wrong. The law was changed.”

So, blackmail. And slavery was completely different. They were brought here not of their own accord. Illegal aliens came here on their own. No one in the USA made them break our laws.

To hell with them.

Hot Air has more.

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