Oil Prices: All Bush’s Fault?

Oh, wait a moment, maybe not

Oil surged 1 percent to above $72 a barrel on Monday as a refinery fire in Italy added fresh concerns to a market already nervous over Iran‘s defiant pursuit of its nuclear program and militant violence in Nigeria.

Well, there are two reasons. And how about

NOTHING FOCUSES THE MIND like the prospect of being hanged — or paying $4 a gallon for gas. If a decade of fervent international calls for the United States to devote more resources and attention to the suffering of Africa for humanitarian reasons went largely unheeded, maybe self-interest will give the U.S. a prod. Instability in Nigeria has played a big role in the recent run-up in oil prices. The lesson is that Africa is becoming increasingly important to U.S. economic and strategic interests, particularly as Al Qaeda shows signs of turning African countries into its next recruiting ground and China continues signing deals for African oil reserves.

Well, I guess it is easier to Blame Bush, Cheney, the GOP, and Big Oil. Let’s forget about all the other things that are the actual causes, including something else the Left would like to forget, 9/11.

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