I’ll Sign The Peace Pledge

Provided they can get all the terrorist scum out there, along with Iran, and anyone else outside of the USA to do it, as well.

As the war becomes more deadly, costly and counter-productive each day, a growing majority of citizens want to see a change of course in Iraq and U.S. foreign policies that better reflect American values. With mid-term elections approaching the occupation of Iraq and other key foreign policy issues are certain to be at the forefront of the electoral debate.

We must demand our elected officials put their commitment to
a more responsible foreign policy for our country on the record.
We’ll do this by making peace the top priority in 2006.

This November, let’s hold Congress accountable to the rising
tide of public opinion that’s urging an end to the war in Iraq and
a new direction for U.S. relations with the world.

Become a Peace Voter today.

You can go here to see this piece of Surrender Monkey idiocy. Hey, peace would be great. But, it isn’t always up to us.

And where were these jitbags when Clinton was invading Somalia and the Balkans? And what do they think about all that is going on in Somalia now, where people are being killed left and right? Do they think diplomacy is going to work? Or, do they prefer the Rwandan solution of looking the other way why 800K are slaughtered in 100 days?

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2 Responses to “I’ll Sign The Peace Pledge”

  1. Beth says:

    I had to leave my “signature” there. 😀

  2. William Teach says:

    ROTFLOL! That is priceless! Going to besome fits on that site.

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