WTW: Save The Butterfly’s!!!!!!

You know they are endangered, right?

The number of butterflies migrating through the state has fallen to a nearly 40-year low as populations already hurt by habitat loss and climate change encountered a cold, wet spring, researchers said.

Oh, Lord, there it is. Climate change. You know they mean that it is not climate change because the Earth changes, but because of Man. Good ole global warming, due to Man’s love of automotive endevor’s. I mean, it could have anything to do primarily with the massive loss of habitat in California, as it is paved over, could it? As I read it, it appears to be equal part loss of habitat and global warming (Man made.) And why is this happening in the Liberal Mecca of California? I thought they LOVED all things nature.

Long-term changes in rain patterns linked to global warming and the paving over of habitat could be playing a role, said Jessica Hellmann, an entomologist with the University of Notre Dame who has examined Shapiro’s data.

Again, let’s throw the blame at global warming (Man made). Sure, loss of habitat is mentioned, but, hey, that cannot be the primary cause.

All in all, the weather patterns in California over the past year probably contributed to the migratory change of the butterfly’s this year, yet, the Earth changes. It is a dynamic system.

Maybe some other towns got to enjoy the butteryfly’s this year. Lucky them.

But notice the first sentence: (have) fallen to a nearly 40-year low. You mean there was a year that was even lower? Goodness. So maybe it is some other factor, which has nothing to do with Man.

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