Monday The 17th Linkfest!

First, after a bad start, all the Devils need is a win against Montreal and a Rags (aka the Rangers) tie or loss, and they jump to the #3 Playoffs slot as the Atlantic Division champs. Congrats to the Rags for finally making the Playoffs again. Bwahahahahaha!

Anyone know anything about blog feeds? Surprisingly, when I check mine, I find two that include the old Typepad address. WTF? 

Just a quick recommendation. You know those cool commercials where they say you can get the joke of the day, a cool ringtone, etc? Do not do it. You will be constantly charged for it, and it is a pain to remove.

Damn! There’s something really important I need to mail. Any ideas? I’m at a loss.

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Do you have an interesting post? Or just a post? ;)  Want it spread around? Well, go ahead and link it up! Otherwise, Cynthia McKinney may pop you one, or worse!

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6 Responses to “Monday The 17th Linkfest!”

  1. April 17: Tax Day In The US…

    The FairTax allows Americans to keep 100 percent of their paychecks, ends corporate taxes and compliance costs hidden in the retail cost of goods and services, and fully funds the federal government while fulfilling the promise of Social Security and …

  2. Another Blow to Global Warming…

    The originator of the global warming theory has been outed as a liar and disavowed by NASA scientists….

  3. I am having problem with feeds too. If it ain’t one thing it is another! You yahoo feed doesn’t work either.

  4. Anger: Tax Day…

    What is truly sad is that most people do not think about taxes except around this “holiday”. Reform is hard when the voters are only paying attention 1 week a year….

  5. JulieB says:

    Oh NICE picture!

  6. William Teach says:

    The feeds are making me nuts. I lost Yahoo links around the 4th of April, around the same time the 2 Typepad linked feeds were last updated. Strange. Don’t get it, or know how to fix it. SIgh.

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