Death Penalty: No Pain (WTF?)

Via the Raleigh News and Observer (sickening)

A federal judge has ordered North Carolina prison officials to make sure a death row inmate is unconscious and unable to feel pain during his execution — a requirement that has halted executions elsewhere.

U.S. District Judge Malcolm J. Howard wants prison officials to tell him by noon Wednesday how they will comply with his order, issued Friday. It requires the presence of medically trained personnel to ensure that Willie Brown Jr. is unconscious during his execution, scheduled for April 21.

You’re sh*ttin’ me, right? Sickening.

Brown, 61, was sentenced to death for the 1983 murder of Vallerie Ann Roberson Dixon, a convenience store clerk in Williamston. Brown had robbed the Zip Mart early one March morning, made off with $90 and kidnapped Dixon. He took her to a logging road, made her lie down in the dirt and shot her six times.

He should feel the same pain she did.

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4 Responses to “Death Penalty: No Pain (WTF?)”

  1. nocoen says:

    Living in CA, I share the frustration with the good citizens of NC.

    We are trying to execute someone who was as vicious to his victim as your’s.

    My problem with this logic is that the death that the inmate goes through is no different than what we all will experience if we were to die a natural death. That makes the pain he will experience no different than anyone else. As such, his treatment is no differnt that anyone else. So why should he get special treatment? Because he is the victim?

    Spare me the agony of that arguement your honor. Your logic makes me ill.

  2. Wickedpinto says:

    the “cruel and unusual” thing applies to having your testicles ripped from your body, followed with you being left to die by bleeding out. Thats cruel and unusual. Being killed efficiently, with pain, but in a way that was not designed to cause pain, only to cause as close to instantaneous death, is just fine. Firing squad, not cruel (always) and not unusual in the least. Hanging, not cruel, actually quite clean, and not unusual. Execution, I would say is both lethal injection, I would say is cruel, and while not unusual to the “patient” also called the dead guy, it is to the sensibilities of doctors. Guillotine, not cruel, very unusual. The best method that I’ve ever heard of is “nitrogen asphyxeia” I think is the spelling. Basicaly, you suffocate without realizing you are suffocating, odd form.

    But not getting enough of Dr. Feelgood, before you reach the absolute apex of feeling bad (death) is neither.

  3. Wickedpinto says:

    Execution, I would say is supposed to be “Electrocution, I would say”

    Sorry bout that.

  4. William Teach says:

    No prob, knew what ya meant.

    Reading the history of the time, the writers fo the consitution had things like hanging, firing squads, etc. What they were referring more to as cruel and unusual was burning at the stake, drawn and quartered, being left to rot in a metal coffin, as Captain Kidd was. Things like that.

    Now folks have a prob with a condemned many being awake for his own execution.

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