Going OCB!

Yes, I meant OCB. Obsessive/Compulsive Behavior. Not quite at the disorder level yet. Jebediah is on vacation this week, so no White Trash Wednesday stuff. In the meantime, I am going OCB trying to figure out why several things are going wonky.

  1. Technorati does not show me as updated since 2/19, which is actually the day I went live on WordPress.
  2. Yahoo News, the Blogs Beta, does not show me anymore, when it used to.

So, I am going to see what WordPress Default does for a day. Kinda boring and basic, eh? But, need to figure it out. Could be one or more of several things.

  1. Something in the sidebar
  2. One of the Plugins.
  3. One or all of the themes
  4. One of the scripts.
  5. The Permalink structure.

I know that my theme for the American Flag League works, at least for Technorati. Whether it works for Yahoo News, haven't written any real stories over there till today, just blogging about the members. So, will probably build a theme for TPC using the same one that I have at the AFL, see what happens, before I do anything drastic, like fragging existing themes (yes, I copy and save to my HD: Momma didn't raise a total idjit:)) and plugins. So, if things look strange, wonky, WTF?, you'll know why. PS: screw it. Tired of trying, and wasting time, rather then doing other things. If anyone has any ideas, let me know, por favor.

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One Response to “Going OCB!”

  1. Help, Technorati isn’t recognizong me in WP either – it is kicking my butt & driving me nuts. I also tried to merge my former blog with the new one in the ecosystem – hasn’t worked out either. I’m glad I’vemoved but much of this tech stuff is sooooo over my head!

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