Durham DA Plans To Proceed In Lacrosse Case

I wonder if he ever plans on sharing any of the supposed proof he has with the defense lawyers (from WRAL):

Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong said he plans to move forward with his case against three members of Duke University’s men’s lacrosse team despite DNA results that do not match evidence collected from a woman who says the athletes raped her.

Looks like Nifong, who is up for re-election, is looking for a scapegoat and to boost his standing with the large Black population in Durham.

At North Carolina Central University, where the alleged victim is enrolled, some students said they still believe a sexual assault occurred.

“I think from what I’m getting, the rape did occur, but we just got the wrong person,” said Student Vice President Agu Onuma. “That doesn’t mean a crime wasn’t committed. I feel like the crime against the young lady did occur. I would like for the DA’s office to search for that person.”

Bingo! So much of the evidence is now pointing to the lacrosse team doing it has been debunked. It is quite possible that a sexual assault did occur. But, by whom?

But, of course, the lacrosse team brought the condemnations on themselves by sticking to their Right to not incriminate themselves, and *gasp* protesting their innocence.

“I am relieved, I’m greatly relieved,” said Jo Darby, a Trinity Park resident who lives behind the house where the March 13 party took place.

Darby was also one of the first people to protest the lacrosse team’s silence, which ultimately led to court orders to take the DNA samples.

She said that if the lacrosse players had done the right thing from the beginning they would not be in the situation they are in now. She called the members who live in the Trinity Park neighborhood rowdy and rude neighbors who put themselves in a bad situation.

“They brought it on themselves,” Darby said. “They behaved so badly that it was really easy to believe, and I’m really sorry for that.”

Yup, people shouldn’t say they are innocent or give evidence that could incriminate themselves. The press and activists will do that for them.

Let’s not forget about time stamped photo’s from the party that show that the woman was already “pretty banged up.”

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2 Responses to “Durham DA Plans To Proceed In Lacrosse Case”

  1. Ogre says:

    “to boost his standing with the large Black population”

    BINGO. You win a cookie.

  2. William Teach says:

    Choco chip?

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