Kooky McKinney To The Pokey?

Fox News (seethe, Libs, seethe!) is reporting:

A staff aide to Rep. Sam Farr, D-Calif., will testify on Thursday in a probe that could determine whether to file charges against Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney for allegedly striking a Capitol Police officer, FOX News has confirmed.

Farr’s office confirmed that the staff aide was subpoenaed as a witness in front of a grand jury. FOX News also confirmed that a second congressional staff aide has been called to testify, but for reasons of confidentiality, the identity of the aide was being kept anonymous.The aides’ appearances mark the first indication that the U.S. Attorney’s office is convening a grand jury to determine if an incident last week involving the congresswoman merits prosecution. The U.S. Attorney’s office could not discuss any grand jury subpoena, but told FOX News the investigation continues. Spokesperson Channing Philipps said that no warrant has been issued in the matter.

 Me thinks she could be facing serious trouble, if what the officer reported, and the supposed security tape shows, is true:

The officer “didn’t see the woman wear the badge that she should have had on, and called out to her, didn’t recognize her facially, called out to her, she breezed passed, called out again and reached out and grabbed her hand, her arm. When she came around she hit the officer in the chest,” Gainer alleged. All congressional members are given a lapel pin that identifies them as an elected representative. That identification permits them to skip the security checks.

The question for Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/whatever: will you stand for the Rule Of Law, or will you choose to support McKinney if she is proven guilty, thereby proving once and for all that you support partisan politics above all else?

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