More On Illegal Immigration

Alternet is saying that all “progressives” should sheeple along and support these illegals (via Michelle Malkin)

Some have called the demonstrations a backlash against the backlash. Others believe it is the beginning of an international populist uprising connected with the leftist movements of many Latin American nations. Whatever it is, it is gaining momentum across the United States, and what it needs now is support from a larger base of progressives, liberals and compassionate people everywhere. As one writer noted this weekend, “A half million Latinos marched in Los Angeles (and smaller numbers in other cities) in protest. So far, the U.S. left has observed it but has not joined it.” (emphasis mine)

Why does the Left need to support them? Why is it “compassionate” to support people who broke the law when they entered our country illegally? Many of whom are murderers, rapists, prone to violence, and so on. Why should they be supported? Like with their “National Security Plan,” the Liberal support of illegal immigrants is long on yap yap, short on actual discourse and reasoning.

I was wondering how long it would take till the American Left went back to normality and pushed to support illegal’s and amnesty. After their initial outburst, which more then likely was due to a knee jerk reaction to supporting the opposite of what President Bush wanted, the Left is showing their true colors. How long till they go the extra mile, and call for straight amnesty, versus the plans that the Senate and President Bush want, which would include checks and fines?

And, of course, they will probably call for reparations for the theft of land by the “racist white European types.”

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