Duke Lacrosse Allegations

Quite frankly, I am rather disappointed in the coverage of this story. To date, it seems that most have already tried and convicted the players as a whole. Yes, what the woman said was done to her was horrific, if it happened. The players are not being given any part of that great American standard, “innocent till proven guilty.”

Joseph Cheshire, a lawyer representing one of the players, says that the prosecutor has unfairly tried the players in the media to serve his own political agenda. (Nifong is up for re-election in May and one of his opponents is black.) “The real story,” says Cheshire, “is how he has pandered to the public to stir up race and class division.” Nifong did not respond to repeated requests for comment on Cheshire’s charge. (Newsweek)

Not just the prosecuter, but the talking heads on TV. Sunday morning, I heard multiple people on multiple shows, including Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and one of the guests on ESPN’s “The Sports Reporters” speak as if there was absolutely no doubt that they were guilty.

Remember, it is only three players who are accused of raping, beating, and sodomizing her. Yes, they might be guilty. But, then again, they might not. And, they should be given the benefit of the doubt till more proof is known and released.

Furthermore, on all 4 stations which I heard the stories, it was taken for granted that the other players, including the team captains, were covering up for the perpetrators and not cooperating fully with the investigation. Where is the proof of that? The gentleman on the Sports Reports (sorry, did not catch his name, and it is not on ESPN) went so far as to say that the team shouldn’t even be practicing.

There have been lots of reports floating around about the roudy habits of the Duke lacrosse teams. Hard drinking, arrests for the same, as well as public urination, and so on. These are college kids. How many of us haven’t gotten crazy at school? I have seen the ECU rugby squads get crazier then that. I have gotten crazier then that (though never arrested for public urination.) Arrests for minor offenses over the past 2 years doesn’t necessarily lead to rape, sodomy, and beatings.

It disturbs me that more and more, today’s society, and especially the Drive By Media, are choosing to treat people accused of crimes, and especially ones with racial overtones, as “guilty till proven innocent.”

Still, the time elapsed from the discovery of the tape to the cancellation of St. Paul’s season was eight days. The time that has elapsed since Duke officials first heard about the alleged rape at the players’ house is 15 days and counting. Even the phrasing of the season suspension announcement seems to allow for the team to return to action if or when the investigation ends.

What David Steele from the Black Athlete Sports Network seems to be saying is that even if the players are found innocent, they should not be allowed to play this season. Perhaps it is not fair to cite Mr. Steele, but he provides what seems to be on all the media’s minds: the players are guilty, and will always be bad, no matter what.

Somewhere, Lady Liberty is weeping.

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2 Responses to “Duke Lacrosse Allegations”

  1. Maggie says:

    Where were they when Juanita Broderick has something to say about rape?

  2. William Teach says:

    Damn good question!

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