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Morning, y’all. Jebediah here, bringing ya another edition of White Trash Wednesday. I’m reckon y’all have heard of BDS, right? BDS: Bush Derangement Syndrome. Characterized by:

  • irrational, seething hatred of George W Bush and everything associated with him
  • a constant need to bring any and every conversation around to him
  • inability to formulate any plans other then those that can hurt Bush, even if it hurts the USA
  • Joining in on any rumor, innuendo, or action that is negative towards Bush, no matter how infactual or idiotic
  • For reference, see the Defeatocrat Underground, Prison Planet, Daily Kosbat, New York Times, etc.

And we have these loony tunes SMs up in Orange County, NC (where Chapel Hill, ala Berkley East, is located)

George W. Bush won’t be on the ballot in Orange County this year, but a group of local activists wants to make the election a referendum on his presidency.

The Orange County Peace Coalition wants to put presidential impeachment front and center in the race for the 4th Congressional district, a seat now held by nine-term Democratic Congressman David Price. The group held its third impeachment event in the county Tuesday night, bringing a crowd of about 50 people to a Hillsborough courtroom for an event that was part organizational meeting, part rally.

“This year we’re going to make this a presidential vote in a non-presidential year,” civil rights attorney Al McSurely told a crowd decked out in “Impeach Bush” buttons.

When asked about what to do about any national, state, or local issue, they said “Blame Bush.” Followed by silence.

Really, how sad is it that the Defeatocrats have no plans for the 2006 elections other the Impeach Bush? Nothing on immigration, the war on terror, domestic affairs. Nada. Just BDS.

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