Brokenback Mountain

I rarely ever quote anyone on the political forum I post on other then to cite who posted a link. What happens on the forum stays on the forum. But, I think this one from Howie is really fantastic

The Western is a uniquely American art form and embodies the American ideals of individualism, masculinity, and indepedence. Every good Communist knows that to destroy a society from within you have to undermine and destroy its culture. Liberals like to attack any institution that symbolizes American ideals, that’s why they have made a movie about gay cowboys, an outrageously preposterous concept. They want to create an alternate reality, one that doesn’t exist, yet one that represents America as THEY want it to be. These people work slowly but surely, brainwashing people, especially children. Think of how many boys like watching westerns on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. How long before the libs slip Brokeback Mountain into the lineup? Fortunately for real Americans, any normal boy wouldn’t waste his time with such effeminate garbage.

Simply awesome, Howie!!!!!

Now, I do not post this as an anti-gay thing. I post it to illustrate the fallicy of Hollywood, and their agenda. Brokeback Mountain is being pushed by the Hollyweirdo’s for every award. Yet, what about the real award? $$$$$$$$$.

Compare the box office through this weekend

  • Underground: Evolution made $27.6 million, and was #1. Released in 3207 theaters.
  • Brokeback Mountain made $7.832 million, was #5 (though up from #9) Released in 1196 theaters.

Now, you can look and say "but it hasn’t been in as many theaters!" Ahh, but it has been out for 7 weeks, has been constantly in the news, both hard and entertainment. Yet, has only made $42.131 million in that time period. Not a bad showing, but, the people who go to see movies just do not seem to care all that much. The Chronicles of Narnia, which seems to have run out of steam, has done $271,682,000 in the same period of time.

Hollywood needs to stop with the agenda based films, and provide entertainment. That’s what Underground: Evolution was. Nothing too deep, just a fun action movie, a little bit of a love story, with lots of vampires and werewolves. And Kate in tight black leather!

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7 Responses to “Brokenback Mountain”

  1. Chief RZ says:

    Correct. Thanks for the communist linkage. See the 1848 Manifesto. What we need in America is an “alternate universe” (REALITY) and produce films and movies that 80+% of the United States believes, follows and behaves. For some “great movie” about 1-2% of the population and tout it as “romantic” is an obvious attempt to create unreality.

  2. Chad says:

    gay SHEEP HERDERS! not cowboys! Big difference…

  3. Maggie says:

    Thanks, Chad, you beat me to it! But it is worth repeating:

    SHEEP herders

  4. Quite true, y’all. But hollyweird wants to present the movie as cowboys, trying to ruin yet another piece of Americana.

  5. Ogre says:

    Hollywood will always have an agenda — and that will always be an anti-American agenda. Sad, but true.

    Then again, since movies are dying out, they’re going to have to go with direct-to-video and PPV more, and the free market, if allowed to, will simply crush them.

  6. Damn good point.

    As it stands, quite a bit of the money is made off of home video, and movies go to video quick. F 9/11 didn’t do to well on home video.

  7. bloup says:

    plzz make appropriate movees next time
    if its
    i luv pirates btw

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