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"It’s amazing that people say to me, `Well, he’s just breaking the law.’ If I wanted to break the law, why was I briefing Congress?" said Bush.

Bamm! Kick it up a notch!

Of course, the Kosbat kids are having tizzy’s, yapping on about some sort of power grab, yada yada yada. In case they do not understand, let’s make it simple. Bush won the election on 11/2/04 for the position of President of the United States of America. How can he "grab power" when he already has it, per the Constitution of the United States.

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3 Responses to “Quote Of The Day”

  1. Your Inflammatory President Bush Quote Of The Day

    As reported by WRAL:

    Its amazing that people say to me, `Well, hes just breaking the law. If I wanted to break the law, why was I briefing Congress?

    Gotta love President Bush when he says stuff like that. And yes, …

  2. Ogre says:

    Oh yeah, that was a CLASSIC line! I LOVED it!

  3. scrapiron says:

    Don’t mention the constitution to a liberal. They attended all liberal schools and the constitution was not on the agenda. The ones that can read only read the sentences they want and skip the ones they don’t want.
    Everytime they come up with the un-constitutional BS I get my copy out and read it. I’ve never found any of the rights that have been taken away by the Patroit act nor anything else they complain about. I think some very smart people drafted the document and no one with the so called education of today can touch them for plain old common sense. My copy is getting rather ragged but still says what it did the day it was written.

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