WTW: It’s The Sardines

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Hey, y’all, good Wednesday morning. It’s so windy today that I reckon I might have even been blown into Thursday. And, speaking of blowhards, get aload of this news brief

Warming ocean currents are bringing sardines back to Monterey Bay after decades of decline.

Some scientists think global warming could be partly responsible for the burgeoning sardine population, although no one can say for sure whether warmer water is part of a natural cycle.

So they think. They do not offer proof. Isn’t that something scientists are supposed to have? Don’t scientists do research to come up with proof? Or have they become so unhinged by an unproven theory, ie, man causes global warming, that they no longer feel the need to do research to provide proof?

And more non scientific alarmism

Landslides kill 800-1,000 people a year and climate change may be adding to the risks from hillside slums in Latin America to Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, U.N. experts said on Tuesday.

About 100 experts will meet in Tokyo on January 18-20 to discuss ways to prevent and ease damage from landslides amid worries that global warming may make slides more frequent by bringing heavier downpours that loosen soils.

The Earth changes. The continents move, land is created, land is lost. At some point in the next few million years, part of Africa along the Great Rift Valley will split off to create a new land mass. During that time, the Earth will have many warmer and colder times.

Is Global Warming happening? Maybe. Compared to the temperatures during the Little Ice Age, sure, the global temps are up. I am still waiting for someone to provide hard proof that man is a significant cause.

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