ACLU Hates The USA

How else can you read this?

NEW YORK – Saying that the Bush administration’s illegal spying on Americans must end, the American Civil Liberties Union today filed a first-of-its-kind lawsuit against the National Security Agency seeking to stop a secret electronic surveillance program that has been in place since shortly after September 11, 2001. 

“President Bush may believe he can authorize spying on Americans without judicial or Congressional approval, but this program is illegal and we intend to put a stop to it,” said ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero. “The current surveillance of Americans is a chilling assertion of presidential power that has not been seen since the days of Richard Nixon.”

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a group of prominent journalists, scholars, attorneys, and national nonprofit organizations (including the ACLU) who frequently communicate by phone and e-mail with people in the Middle East.  Because of the nature of their calls and e-mails, they believe their communications are being intercepted by the NSA under the spying program.  The program is disrupting their ability to talk with sources, locate witnesses, conduct scholarship, and engage in advocacy.  The program, which was first disclosed by The New York Times on December 16, has sparked national and international furor and has been condemned by lawmakers across the political spectrum. 

I do not remember the ACLU pitching a fit regarding Clinton’s domestic spying. Oh, yes, that’s right. It was Democrats spying on Republicans, as well as sicking the IRS on Clinton opponents.

I guess this is a continuation of the ACLU’s 86 years of taking the side of America’s enemies. Hell, they state this on every page. Take a look at the top of any ACLU webpage: "Become a card carrying member of the ACLU." What does that bring to mind?

To me, it brings to mind exactly what I wrote; the ACLU is for whoever is against America, particularly when a Republican is in the White House. How else do you take a lawsuit based on stopping the surveillance of non US citizens who are in the US, and are not entitled to the protections of US Constitution, and converse with know associates of State Department declared terrorist organizations. I take it as US hatred, as well as a decrepit understanding of the document that the ACLU is supposed to be protecting.

From Stop The ACLU:

The left are in full attack mode. So, while our military fights the good fight, the ACLU are suing over an inconvenience in its ability to talk to the very people who want to kill us all. Like I said before, the ACLU’s slogan of “Keep America Safe and Free” is an absolute lie. They care more about the imaginary rights of our enemies than any kind of safety for America. They have done absolutely nothing for America’s safety, and everything in their power to fight the efforts to protect America!

Michelle Malkin:

And be sure to familiarize yourselves with the ACLU lawsuit filed today to stop the dot-collecting NSA program. The plaintiffs, who have no idea whether they have been surveilled under the program, but are claiming standing because they think they might be among the targets, are:

Bluto over at The Jawa Report

The arrogance of the ACLU/MSM lawsuit is breathtaking; that Americans should be put at risk because a few paranoid elitists believe without any evidence that some of their calls may have been monitored – and also, of course, that they’re unhappy with the 2000 and 2004 elections and would like to stage a coup d’etat.

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3 Responses to “ACLU Hates The USA”

  1. Jay says:

    Keep an eye on Debbie Schlussel and Stop The ACLU. There will be backlash legal action into this lawsuit, third party style.

  2. will definately watch. Need to nail those aclu bastards!

  3. Things I read

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