Is this wrong?

Ever since the issue of The Huffington Post (and, no, I will not link it) hotlinking photo’s was uncovered, I have been going over there and giving them a tip, berating them, etc, regarding that theft. Is that wrong? Cause it is so much fun, and they make it SO easy.

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7 Responses to “Is this wrong?”

  1. An Ame says:

    OK what is photo hotlinking? Is it when you do NOT save the graphic to your own place?

    Or is it saving it to your place but not asking permission? LOL

    This is the reason I have not yet put up my rotating patriot pinup html. Although, I am thinking of changing it to a martini glass rotating thingamajig. If I can figure out the code and am NOT ‘stealing’ graphics. 😉

  2. Basically, it is when you directly link to a photo on someone elses site. Sometimes, you have permission, like with the ACLU blogburst. But, go to THP, and put your mouse over some of the photos. You’ll see, if you look down at the bottom task bar, that they are not hosted on her site. Very bad form.

  3. Billy Budd says:

    AND THIS, I would not do this if you had an email that worked! ARRRRRGGGHHHH!

  4. JulieB says:

    Teach…. can’t find your email address, so sorry for the off topic comment.

    Episode III is outstanding!

    email me? I want to ooh and aah over it!!

  5. just have to take the NOSPAM out of the address. I started getting way to much spam.

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