Did Kerry Sign his 180’s?

He may just have done that (via Conservative Friends)

AT THIS POINT it comes as no surprise. John Kerry is releasing all his military records — but then again, he isn’t.

During an interview yesterday with Globe editorial writers and columnists, the former Democratic presidential nominee was asked if had signed Form SF 180, authorizing the Department of Defense to grant access to all his military records.

”I have signed it," Kerry said. Then, he added that his staff was ”still going through it" and ”very, very shortly, you will have a chance to see it."

The devil is usually in the details. With Kerry, it’s also in the dodges and digressions. After the interview, Kerry’s communications director, David Wade, was asked to clarify when Kerry signed SF 180 and when public access would be granted. Kerry drifted over to join the conversation, immediately raising the confusion level. He did not answer the question of when he signed the form or when the entire record will be made public.

The question is what will he allow people to see? I cannot complain too much, to be fair, since I was in fact asking him to sign his 180’s. Nothing was said about making sure that every single bit of info was released, though it was implied.

Six months after Kerry’s loss to George W. Bush, it feels somewhat gratuitous to point out how hard it can be to get a clear, straight answer from Kerry on this and other matters. But as long as the Massachusetts senator is thinking about another presidential run, the candor gap remains on the table, because he puts it there.

Chuckle, snort, LOL. And for those who want to go with the "Kerry Doctrine" on Iraq:

On Iraq, Kerry basically endorsed the outcome of the Bush Doctrine, saying: ”I do think we’re making a kind of progress, slowly but surely."

Woops. Will he flip flop on that?

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2 Responses to “Did Kerry Sign his 180’s?”

  1. Kerry’s Form 180

    Confirming my essential view that John Kerry is just a lying sleezebag, nobody even seems to be able to tell whether he signed his form 180 (to release all militray records) or if he did “sign it”, did he send it in to the Navy? Pirate’s Cove has been…

  2. Jeff H says:

    I hear Kerry’s flip-flopping ways may have saved his life, and garnered him a Purple Heart, to boot.

    He aimed the gun at his head, but in mid-shot, he flipped and hit his own ass instead.

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