Galloway and the Senate

British Parliament member George Galloway met with the US Senate yesterday regarding allegations that he was involved in the Oil For Food scandal. Very enlightening.

Galloway, who arrived in the United States late Monday night, argued that documents suggesting he got the vouchers are bogus and that the Iraqi officials who ratted him out are lying.

"You have the gall to quote a source without ever having asked me if the allegations were true, that I am the ‘owner of a company which has made substantial profits from oil for food,’" Galloway said, noting that he owns no companies besides a media firm in London.

"You had no business to carry a quotation utterly unsubstantiated and falsely implying otherwise," he said. "You’ve already found me guilty before I have had a chance to come here and defend myself."

Gee, like the times that you have accused Tony Blair and George Bush of lying to start a war with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq? And, no, they haven’t found you guilty, but they would like to know just what you were doing, considering that the accusations stem from not only a material witness, but documents found in Iraq. And, guess what? They are asking you, so why not offer something credible to refute the documents. Instead, you go Moonbat (can a British citizen go Moonbat, or do I need a different word for that?).

Galloway previously told reporters that he feels the accusations are a political setup arranged by the Bush administration and Republicans who strongly supported the president’s war in Iraq. He also acknowledged that his relationship with former Iraq Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz was friendly.

Prior to the hearing, Galloway blasted subcommittee chairman Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., and his colleagues as being a "group of Christian fundamentalists and Zionist activists under the chairmanship of neo-con George Bush and the right-wing hawks."

That’s a great way to cooperate with the committee that you flew across the pond to face. Guaranteed to elicit a retraction (sic). As I have stated before, you have to give Saddam one thing: he knew how to set up a civil service which kept impeccable records. Cause they sure did. What is Galloway accused of?

Other Saddam regime officials confirmed that Galloway received allocations, Greenblatt said. He added that one document "indicates that the recipient of this oil allocation was Mariam Appeal, the foundation established by George Galloway, ostensibly to help a four-year-old Iraqi girl named Mariam who was suffering from leukemia. Therefore, it appears that George Galloway used a children’s cancer foundation to conceal his oil transaction."

So, he was the money man in the deal. Too bad the US has no ability to prosecute Galloway. You can be sure that the charges will be given to the British legal system.

Meanwhile, the UN is planning on spending $1.2 billion on a facelift for their headquarters. Now you know where your money from those UNICEF boxes goes.

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