Old Yellow Stain at it again

So, now Harry Reid is a liar. First he calls President Bush (remember, most votes ever?) a loser, then he appologizes for it to Karl Rove (Mr. Democrat killer himself), now he is basically retracting that:

If Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada still feels remorse for calling President Bush a loser, he didn’t show it on Tuesday.

In a news conference, Reid was asked if his comment about Bush would make it more difficult to negotiate with Republicans.

"I tell people how I feel about things. I don’t try to hide how I feel," Reid said.

"Maybe my choice of words was improper, and I have indicated that maybe they were, but I want everyone here, I repeat, to know I’m going to continue to call things the way that I see them, and I think this administration has done a very, very bad job for this nation and the world."

62 million people say differently, OYS. But, please, continue making a fool of yourself. I look forward to a resounding GOP win in 2006 and 2008.

"I think the Party of ‘No’ would be better served if it set aside its angry rhetoric and obstructionism and joined Republicans at the table to provide solutions for the issues confronting our country," said RNC spokesman Danny Diaz.

Nuff said?

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5 Responses to “Old Yellow Stain at it again”

  1. Maggie says:

    You could also add 50 million more people to that number — Afghanistan and Iraq. Considering the reception he got in “New Europe”, I’d say our President has a few fans on the other side of the Atlantic, too!

  2. Mustang says:

    Sen. Reid would make a perfect center-piece for a bouquet of a**holes.

  3. I had meant to link “old yellow stain” to Reids webpage, if he has one, but ran out of time 🙂

    Of course the Libs don’t care about Iraq and Afghanistan, nor any of the other European countries other then old Europe. They prefer to follow the lead of France and Germany, who have high unemployment, low economic output, high inflation, and high islamic immigration. Can you imagine what Old Europe will look like in 10 years?

  4. dc says:


    It is time to make Greenjeans pay for this crap. Time for some serious action on the Nukuler Option. He needs to go the way of the Daschle.

  5. JulieB says:

    Well, there is the 59 million who voted for Kerry/Edwards or did you forget the other half of the nation? We’re still here.

    And for the record? I heartily supported Afghanistan. I thought that was well negotiated move.

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