Bush in the Netherlands: a Moonbats view

Yes, it is sorta blogless Sunday, but, I cannot ignore this one. Apparently, on of the Daily Kos’s resident moonbats has a problem with not only President Bush’s (I never get tired of writing that!) visit to the Netherlands, but the War on Terror.

Via the Ap, we hear about Bush’s visit to the Netherlands yesterday to honor Americans who died in the “fight against tyranny”:

Was there a particular reason for Platonium Page to put those words in quotes? Nomally, I would chalk it up to highlighting the phrase, but this is one of the ultimate moonbats blogs. Maybe I am just reading too much into it. But, I seriously doubt it. Remember, these are the same folks who often state that the Holocost never happened.

Obviously, Bush likes to equate his War on Terror™ in Iraq with the liberation of Europe from the Nazis.

What’s with the use of “TM”? We have all seen the leftazoids say that the War on Terror is really just a “bunch of Bush booga booga.” It isn’t real for them. It is all fake, just a reason for Bush to steal oil. Many of the nuttier ones believe Bush was behind 9/11. They will not discuss, ever, the fact that so many of the “insurgents” and “freedom fighters” killed in Iraq are NOT Iraqi’s. They are Jordanians, Syrians, Iranians, Palestinians, etc. They are terrorists, and we are enticing them into Iraq, rather then Mainstreet America. We have chosen the place to fight, rather then vice versa. One of the old doctrines of warfare, going back to David vs. Goliath, is to fight on the battlefield of your choosing.

It is a losing debate for the Democratic Party. Really, it is 10-20% of the voters who elect Presidents. The folks in the middle. These are the people that President Bush was looking to get votes from during the 2004 election cycle. Captain Ed writes:

Kerry has done everything but make an official announcement to show that he intends on forcing the Democrats to relive 2004, only this time he won’t have the luxury of riding on Bush-hatred to keep his polling numbers up. (emphasis mine)

Image hosting by Photobucket In terms of 2008, this could really be applied to any potential Democratic candidates, including Hillary. There will be no Bush to hate. Even if the candidates realize that they need to run a positive campaign, and play to the middle ground voters, the other party leaders, as well as all their 527’s, blogs, activists, etc, will put out the same type of rhetoric and insanity as they did during 2004. This is not a winning combination for the Dems. Damn. Too bad. What do you think, Morbo? (click for large image)

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  1. Betsy Markum says:

    I can’t believe it, my co-worker just bought a car for $25712. Isn’t that crazy!

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